Thursday, January 12, 2006

midweek crisis

I can't believe I heard it come out of my mouth. There we were in our weekly meeting trying to work out a puedo-crisis (those are when the schedule/project screams to a halt because a person or persons who are usually not present failed to complete or communicate something)...Anyway the words came out. The little voice in the back of my head screamed, "you idiot." (the voice sounding a lot like Tonya) Before I could get my mouth to form a retraction my words echoed back..."you'll come in tomorrow! Thanks, it shouldn't take long."

Tomorrow was supposed to be a play day...tomorrow I was going to sleep-in, run to the museum to take pictures then stop by Fresh Market and buy all the food my husband hates so I can enjoy it while on retreat and not bother him. Tomorrow I was going to be a artist...a camper...a late night pajama party participant where we read each others old quilters magazines and go "ahhhhh" over each others projects. What was I thinking...what makes me want to fix everything...I'm only supposed to be part-time (health reasons) but find myself the last one there on a regular basis.

I am determined not to let this kill my weekend. I'm going in wearing my jeans and my bright red quilting sweatshirt with pins in the cuff. I'm setting the alarm on my computer to play "Chain Gang" at it's loudest volume at 1100 hours and I'm not shutting it off until I'm on my way out the door!

Anyway, back to packing. My husband is in shock at the amount of boxes and bags that are piling into the Tuscon! I think he's hoping they all don't come back. We had a long discussion on why I'm bringing two sewing machines...silly man. He has two putters in his golf bag...does that make any more sense?

I've included a photo of one of my favorite antique quilts. It hangs in my guest bedroom and was purchased in Pennsylvania about 15 years ago. It is on my list of one's I'd like to replicate.


Tonya Ricucci said...

Aaaghhh, now this really is me yelling at you: "you idiot!!!" You don't have to fix everything. Siobhan needs to play, not work. Wish I could physically drag you out of the office, but you'll have to pretend I'm there doing it. (You've got my voice figured out pretty well.)
On a completely different note. Love the quilt, can see why you'd want to make one like it someday.
Have fun at your retreat and let yourself be waited on. Relax, dammit.

Laurie Ann said...

Have fun fun fun this weekend and eat lots of good food. We want to see pics. And as a relative quilting newbie with only one sewing machine to my name, seriously I am curious, what do you do with two sewing machines at a time? Really, I am curious. Don't mock me other quilting people!! :) I am new!! :) I would like to know why maybe I need a second machine!!

Lucy said...

Enjoy your weekend ! and I LOVE your antique quilt ,It is a beauty!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Siobhan - I LOVE that antique quilt! It is awesome!

I can hear Tonya yelling "You Idiot" all the way across the ocean! Oh I feel for you! Go play at the retreat! I hope you have a good time and got there soon!

Oh yeah, I want lots of pictures too!

Darcie said...

Oh Siobhan! Your antique quilt is just magnificent! Truly! I love log cabins...and this one is just tops!

I know you're having a wonderful time away! Fill us in on everything, won't you?

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

*LOL* I'm just NOW reading this post AFTER retreat! And in hind sight, it was so great that you DID bring the two machines because we needed it! You DID accomplish alot. I hope he was impressed with the red/white/blue!

It was so great spending time with you.....


Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

Gorgeous quilt...hey I will be glad to store it for you while you are in England...he just the wall to put it