Thursday, January 05, 2006

New year new postings! First there is an excellent exhibit at the Augusta Museum of History on quilts from 1840-1940. I helped curate the exhibit which meant finding quilts in the community to loan to the museum, sew on sleeves, find folks to donate money/time/supplies, and to research and write labels. I really enjoyed it but my real job did get in the way! I'll post photos of some of the quilts this weekend. I was so busy getting it all ready I never got the camera out!
This an example of my schitzophrenic(spelling?)approach to quilting...I work on an exhibit of antique quilts on month and now I am working on my first batch of postcards! My quilting room is divided between traditional and hand-dyed fabric; lots of buttons then lots of beads; calligraphy pens and stamps with paints. It is a wonder I finish anything (which isn't saying I finish much!)
Speaking of finishing - I am packing to go on a retreat next weekend. Four days of quilting, talking, eating, and well, quilting some more. I have a project that has now gone on retreat with me for three years! I absolutely need to finish the top this year! I also have 12 Baltimore Album blocks that have sit in a pizza box for over 7 years (yikes!) Cleaning your quilting room can be so humbling...


Tonya Ricucci said...

hurrah, a new post!!! Can't wait to see the pics - wish I could be there to see the exhibit in person.
What quilt has gone on retreat for three years?

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

I still haven't made it to the museum show :c( I did dig out the pepto-bismol double T quilt from last year....I guess we will both be working on ancient projects! I'm not in the mood to cut 'kits' for anything. I spose I could just bring a bin of strings and just string piece my heart out... :c) Can't wait for this retreat!