Saturday, January 21, 2006

Recipes and other rules I don't follow

Almost immediately after my Monday posting my computer went into meltdown. Long story short it took several nights of nerd-dom to get it working again...time I could have spent quilting, cooking, or unpacking. (ou know I was miserable if I would have been happier unpacking and doing laundry!) Anyway, it is back up to normal and I am slowly adding my "non-essential" fles - like my photos - back onto the hard drive.

The quilt in this photo is one I made for my Mother. The Thanksgiving after my father died she told me she would like a quilt for Christmas. She is not a quilter! I went through my UFO's, bagged up some likely ones, and brought them to my quilting bee. There I had one of the women my mom's age select the one she would like. I thought that was being smart but I learned something worth passing on...there are reasons that some quilts become UFO's:

1) This project had gone through at least 3 moves. Bias cuts don't travel well.
2) When you are no longer in that "color-mood" finding fabrics to finish projects can be painful. I had all the star fabric but not enough of any for the corners. The mustard was at the bottom of a pile that fell off the shelf when I was looking for my dark black. Is there a fabric guardian angel? 3) It is possible to sew on binding for an entire quilt while your flight is delayed in the Atlanta Airport.

I got several emails about Kibbe. It is a meat dish that can either be stuffed or served in a 9x9 pan and layered. I first had it while traveling in the middle east and have adapted the recipe a bit. If you would like the recipe I'll email it to you. Like many middle eastern recipe's it can take a bit of time but it also freezes well to can be used for several meals (more time for quilting that way!)

Did you know if you have "UFO's" in you text when you spell check it asks you if you mean "wife's" that someone's idea of a joke?!

I guesss I'll get back to work on the computer...


Lucy said...

This is a beautifull lonestar . It is shining! A wonderful gift for your mom. I made once slso a lonestar. the middle is difficult hè !

Cher said...

beautiful quilt-I am sure your mom loved it. sorry to hear about the computer meltdown-at least you were able to restore it!

Quilts And Pieces said...

I"m so glad your back in computer world! I have been patiently waiting for pics from the retreat!

Isn't it just a wonder sometimes how the perfect fabric finds the quilt! What a beautiful quilt for your mom!

Tonya Ricucci said...

At least you were smart enough to have back-up copies of your pics, unlike other idiots I could name (aka me).
The quilt might have been a bear to work on, but it sure looks great. And now you have a bit more room in your sewing room. Theoretically.

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Wifes=UFO????! TOO FUNNY!! I just love reading your's no wonder we are on the same wave length so much :c) And having you blogging will help me not feel so far away when you go to England! I love the goose in the looks FABULOUS in the photos...It's going to be awesome when you get it quilted as well, wonkiness and is so graphic..