Saturday, January 07, 2006

Thankful for Fridays...

I'm so happy to be home and in my quilting room I could almost cry! I've been battling a cold for weeks and when I finally thought it was over my MS kicked me in the head (at least that is what it feels like!)

This is not whining....but I can't thread a needle, can't trust my hands near the sewing machine, and my eyesight is so wonky I don't trust myself to pick out fabric. So here I sit folding and may not be quilting but next to patting the cat it is cheap therapy!

The good news, my boss has loaned me a monitor that would make a sports bar patron spill their budwieser...I think my neighbors across the street can read my email the screen is so big! So, besides finishing some analysis for him due Monday, I can still play in blogdom.

I am posting some close ups of the wonderful quilting done by Bonnie on my Christmas Quilt. It is amazing how much more productive "I" have become since she moved here!
The quilting in each block is different (swirls, squiggles, loops, and fern looking plants!) and in the plaid border are some wonderful feathers. It was tough to photograph since the most elaborate quilting is either in the white or plaid areas!


Tonya Ricucci said...

It's always fun to see close-ups. I so love the fabrics you put together in this quilt. Gorgeous reds.

Quilts And Pieces said...

I loved taht xmas quilt even from far away - but I'm glad one of the close-ups is that bow block in the circle! Now that is a really cute idea!